MoCap classic styles, custom solutions and development samples

MoCap Suit P03 stocked in all black. Periodically G20, G40 suits are premade. General Sizing Men’s XS – XL, Women’s XS-L. Tall versions, shoulder variants are made to order.

MoCap suit top with farmer john attachment to hold top down with wrap closure of leg.

It can be opened to make it easier to use the washroom.

Sleeve are terminated above the wrist, tightened with wrap straps.

Pants have large swimsuit panel gusset in groin area and inseam to ankle.

Reasons for the Use of Gusset Panels
MoCap Suit P04 Grey40
MoCap Suit P04 Grey40

Some MoCap Suit Styles adapt well to changing colours of various panels to create a unique look. We will attempt to match your corporate colours. Left chest labels available.

Mocap Suit Summer Mesh is a variant of the Optitrack Classic with more gusset mesh/ active wear fabric. The contrast helps identify the talent when all have unique colours. Also available in Grey18%.
mocap suit mens
mocap suit women's
3X3 Mocap suits and accessories used during
2015 Norway Intensive Training system run by University of Portsmouth