We Design Solutions

3X3 designs MoCap solutions for unique customer requirements. Our depth of experience encompasses fitting people who are outliers on standard size charts, adding visual references, problem solving methods to secure markers in unconventional situations and other items required on stage/studio. In addition to the industry standard of basic Black, there are Grey 18%, Grey 20% and Grey 40% used in film. We have some styles well suited to creating a unique look for each talent in video reference.

University of Portsmouth Trio

A common customization is the application of video assist stripes, either polyurethane heat set film segments colour/shape/width/length/spacing as specified or hook compatible factory dyed fabric cut to desired width. There is also an option of sublimated fabric using your print design.

We work closely with Costume and VFX to meet production requirements. The most efficient method customizes 3X3 stock products. Some examples: moderate dimension adjustments cut on the table, zipper style & location, options for wide/square shoulder people (classic V-shape) as alternatives to custom patterns, sleeve and pants termination/tension choices. We produce custom trim patterns in house using vector files provided by VFX. Proofs provided must be signed prior to start of work. Colour blocking standard styles creates unique, cost effective looks.

Some Suggestions to Customize Standard Styles
Mocap Suit Shoulder Options
MoCap Sleeve Termination Options
Zipper placement choices
pants termination choices

There are many solutions to securing markers outside conventional mocap suits and jumpsuits.